What Are We Up To???? 

WE are pleased to announce that Benjamin "Thee Worthless" Johnson will be joining this traveling band of assholes!  We were sad to see El Ron Chubbard go, but alas...onward and upward!

We will be sending out monthly newsletters with show dates and new info as it comes about.  DON'T MISS OUT
<3 MGtH

Oh, hi. Welcome to Epcot. 

We are My God, The Heat.

We are from Rockford, of Illinois, of the United States of America, of North America, of Earth, of whatever else is out there; they are laughing at you and I.  We make the rock and the roll. We are not affiliated with Mister Meerasaké, but we are affiliated with The God Damned Pimps, the Pimps, Matter of Fact and all of our internet friends:  Francis the Macaque, Lord Thomas Derby, Andy Whorehall and more. This is our new band web site.  

You should follow us on facebook and twitter for up-to-date news, as well as by signing up for our fan mail list below.  Other than that, browse around and feel free to waste more of your precious time on the internet.   Click here to see where we're playing next, and check back often.  OUR STORE IS NOW OPEN.  CHECK OUT THE SWAG!

We love you, thanks for being here.  We can't imagine life without all of yous here on the information highway.  You're the best.

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